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Florida to Idaho

We're grateful for the incredible support throughout our massive move from Florida to Idaho! Even with the months of advance planning, making a move like this, especially with 3 littles, is a challenge... friends and family were present the entire journey, which made it not only achievable, but fun. Many old relationships deepened, and rich new ones were formed.

To be clear, this was not a sudden move for us. Probably long before we could verbalize it, we had the desire to be more self-sustaining as a family, but the conscious choice happened about a year ago in the Fall of 2021. We'll share more of that later... but here we are in the Fall of 2022, landowners in Idaho, holding all the necessary permits, electricity having been run to our property, blueprints in hand for our new home, and we're about to break ground. Our hope is to be off the ground, foundation dug and poured, before winter. We'll see...

We're thankful to have landed in a nice temporary rental home... well, only after living in a hotel for over a week! We've since heard it is common for this area -- people flooding into Idaho (escaping places like California and Oregon) seeking rentals, living in hotels, and often trying to build homes. (I suppose people moving here from Florida is an anomaly.) We're falling in love with Idaho , started new jobs, and are moving forward with our homesteading goals with a lot of prayer and lot of confidence!

Over the past 2 years, we've recognized how important it is to be a values-based family rather than simply an opportunities-based family. The insane, psychologically disturbing mandates and widespread fear coming out of high places of government forced everyone, at least to some degree, to show their true colors. Many institutions caved to the pressure of perceived "loving thy neighbor" mandates and other woke nonsense, while others stood courageously and protected the God-given rights and liberties of those within their realm of authority. We decided to be the latter for those within our influence, starting with family and friends. For example, early in the lockdowns, parents who brought their kids to local parks were making a strong statement just by their presence. We formed friendships during that season built on values and a strong desire to connect in wholesome ways with others -- the very things culture was trying to steal by telling us all to stay six feet apart. Among those park families, our kids were able to be normal kids -- sharing the playground, wrestling and playing tag, bringing cookies to share with friends... it was wholesome, refreshing, and wonderful. It was more like church than most churches, something that surprised and deeply troubled us...

How had so many churches become so weak and lacking in authority? It was baffling. I experienced the pain of losing a significant music contract with my church simply because I wouldn't wear a mask. Relationships I thought were building into something deeper and meaningful were suddenly cut off. I couldn't understand pastors who forced staff and contractors to "mask up" or literally lose their jobs. I knew God would never honor such a thing, and I didn't want any part of it. I determined the terror would stop with me: With God's help, I would be a pillar of strength to my family. I would be an example to my friends who needed confirmation they weren't crazy. In the short term, our family lost a stream of income over that insanity, and the broken trust was like a punch in the gut. But... in the longer term, by the grace of God, we kept our integrity. God blessed us with financial provision, we gained deeper friendships, and we were pushed deeper into our purpose through it all.

So, here we are, about a month into Idaho life! We've actually transitioned and landed in a new place at the beginning of the Fall season when the colors change and there's an inspiring brisk chill in the air -- it's inspiring and wonderful. We've found heavy cream and yogurt at a local farmer's market. We dug a hole and put up the mailbox at our new property. A Berkey water filter is on the kitchen counter, and Air Doctors (air purifiers) service upstairs and down. We've started filling in old badger holes on our property (that's right!). Every time we walk our beautiful, wild land, we understand it better. It feels good to study it, feel it under our feet, and dream. There are interesting contours, stories beneath the soil we will probably never know, and even a few hills on it that might prove to be great for sledding.

It's just the beginning, but this season is building on all that happened before. We know we're not starting over, but bringing all we are and have experienced into all the newness. We're running toward something great. We're learning and growing. We don't know everything, but are absolutely certain God does -- that is the absolute foundation of our confidence.

Can't wait to share more --


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